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TSL-200-9 continuous protective atmosphere quenching furnaces

  • Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
  • Trade Term: FOB
  • Payment Terms: T/T
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
  • Means of Transport: Ocean

  • Product Description

    Product name: Mesh-belt furnace with muffle pot

    Model: TSL-200-9
    Power: 200kw
    Rated temperature: 920℃
    Diamensions of work chamber: 4700X500X200     

    Suitable for heat treatment(e.g.nitrocarburizing,quenching and carburization under controlled atmosphere)of medium or small sized mechanical parts such as spring,spring cushion,standard element,bearing,self-tapping screws,transmission chain,vehicle fittings,metal parts and parts of an apparatus for knitting.

    1)Reasonable structure,integral automatic control system,safe,reliable,and easy in operation and maintenance.
    2) Ideal temperature distribution in the hearth,realiable,uniform and good quality of treated pieces
    3) Full-fiber line, fast temperature rise, and good temperature-retention and energy-saving effects and low power consumption.
    4)The mesh belt runs steadily and is infinitely adjustable
    5) It is together with washing machine,feeding machine, distribution machine,quenching tank and tempering furnace will form an automatic line
    6)We can make design and manufactur as per client-required special specifications and we also accept business of manufacture,overhaul and reform of other types of electric furnace.

                                   (KW)                         (℃)                                         (LXWXH MM)                               (KG/H)
    TSL-35-9                 35                          920                                         2200X220X50                               60
    TSL-45-9                45                         920                                           2500X300X50                             80
    TSL-60-9                  60                       920                                           2800X300X50                             100
    TSL-70-9                 70                       920                                         3000X300X60                             120
    TSL-75-9                 75                        920                                        3600X300X80                                150
    TSL-90-9                  90                         920                                         4700X300X80                             200
    TSL-120-9               120                       920                                          4700X400X100                           250
    TSL-150-9               150                   920                                           4700X500X120                             300
    TSL-180-9                180                     920                                            4700X500X160                             350
    TSL-200-9                200                     920                                            4700X500X200                            400